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Your gateway to success

Warrior Paints opened its pilot Factory Paint Depot store in 1991 and enjoyed immediate success paving the way for further company stores to open. To satisfy the demand of our ever increasing client base the first Warrior Paints franchise store opened in 2002.Since then many successful Warrior Paints stores have been established and the franchise has grown from strength to strength.

Benefits of owning a Warrior Paints Franchise

Benifits of a franchise in SA
  • A proven concept
  • A respected brand
  • Affordable setup costs
  • Your own boss within the franchise guidelines
  • Backing and support
  • Quality paint at the best prices
  • Group buying power
  • Structured and effective advertising
  • Low staff complement

How we assist you

  • Store layout and initial setup
  • Technical backup and training
  • In store promotion material
  • Protected area rights
  • We keep you updated with market trends
  • A product range with the latest technology
  • Planned stock levels
  • Consistent stock availability
  • Industry know-how

Store opportunities are available in great locations throughout South Africa

Share in our success with your own Warrior Paints store.Warrior Paints, recognised by many consumers as the value paint brand of choice.

The premier value paint brand – an exciting Franchise opportunity for you

The average store size required is 200m² to 250m².

The Warrior Paints Franchise Mission Statement

is to be recognised by the consumer as the premier value paint brand which provides the ultimate purchasing experience of quality paint in colour of choice through our Warrior Paints outlets.

Paint Franchise South Africa

Store opportunities are available in great locations throughout South Africa

If you have the desire to start your own business, work hard to succeed, are prepared to offer exceptional old-fashioned service to satisfy customer needs then you are the candidate we are looking for.

You will be working within our tried and tested systems (developed over 30 years), communicate effectively, and spend time and energy to ensure customer loyalty.

You will be actively involved on a daily basis to operate and manage the franchise outlet.

Previous experience in either of the paint, building or retail industries will certainly be an advantage for you. We will in addition provide you and your staff with in-depth training and product knowledge to operate a Warrior Paints Franchise.

By combining your attributes and Warrior Paints’ years of experience we can become an effective team and create an exceptional business partnership.

Want more information on franchising?

Franchisee Requirements

Financial Requirements

For a 200 to 250 square meter store

Initial Franchise Fee

R40,000.00 excluding VAT (once off)

Set-up cost

Approximately R1,500 000.00 depending on-premises and store type (of which at least R1,000 000.00 must be unencumbered own capital)

What we require from you

  • Pay a once off initial franchise fee
  • Sign & adhere to the Warrior Franchise Agreement
  • Complete our training programme
  • Pass the Warrior Way competency test
  • Pay a monthly royalty
  • Provide the Warrior high standard of service
  • Maintain a well-stocked store
  • Be open weekends & public holidays if required
  • Do local and community advertising
  • Participate in Warrior promotions
  • Provide a local delivery service

Do you have what it takes?

  • You must be a peoples person
  • Place the Warrior brands interest first
  • Good networking and relationship building abilities
  • Can you take responsibility
  • Are you a team player
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good learning ability
  • Hard worker
  • Good business acumen and a will to succeed
  • Management skills
  • The necessary start-up capital

The process to securing a Warrior Paints Franchise

  • Once we receive the fully completed Application Form it will be assessed to ensure our minimum requirements are met.
  • We will respond by sending you our information pack.
  • A confidentiality agreement will be signed.
  • An interview will be arranged at our Head Office in Rosslyn, Pretoria.
  • If you are approved and both parties are willing to enter into an agreement (subject to stipulated criteria, e.g. site location, financial requirements etc.) relevant credit and reference checks will be undertaken.
  • The Franchise Agreement and other relevant documentation will be handed over to the prospective franchisee for perusal.
  • Both parties sign Franchise Agreement and initial franchise fee must be paid to Warrior Paints & Coatings (Pty) Ltd.
  • The Lease Agreement must be signed and deposits for the premises paid directly to the landlord.
  • Municipal deposits must be paid directly to the council.
  • 50% of set-up costs must be paid to Warrior Paints & Coatings (Pty) Ltd.
  • The balance to be paid once orders have been placed for equipment, stock, signage and contractors work.
  • Store setup commences

Franchisee Testimonials

What our franchisees have to say


    Mario Haralambous – Store owner

    After selling my business and talking a short sabbatical, I started looking for another business to settle into. I was looking for a franchise that had a great reputation, with a proven support structure, a proven track record and expertise in their field, and integrity. Not only did I experience what I was looking for from Warrior but much more. I was assisted in the setting up of the store, the shop layout and design, training for my staff and myself as well ongoing daily support.

    8 years later, as a very, very happy franchisee I am looking forward to another 8 years of great head office service, support, innovation, creativity and growth!!


    Rene De Jager – Store owner

    I was looking for a franchise in 2009. Found a few franchises worth looking at but because of the economy being in a bit of a recess was not too sure which one to choose as it was a big decision to make having worked for an employer all my life.

    The franchise presentation from Warrior Paints looked very good and speaking to their management I found that they were very positive about growth in a tough market as a paint franchisor. I was a little worried about the fact that I was more of a technical guy with an electrical and instrumentation background but they assured me that I have nothing to worry about, they will teach me everything I have to know about paint retail.

    We opened our shop on 1 February 2010 with the assistance of Warrior. They helped and assisted us in every possible way even the store layout, suitable stock amounts and promotional prices to start with. The first week the sales manager came through every day from Pretoria to Witbank and assisted us to get off the ground. Slowly as we went on we found more confidence and realised that we were in the right business as we found the market for paint is exciting if you are selling a good product at a good price. Customers really value good advice and that is one of Warrior’s key values that they apply through their stores.

    Now we are in the same place and it is eleven years later and I can honestly say our business have grown such that our turnover has increased threefold. We are still building on our customer base but also find that we have so many of our old customers returning.

    As a franchisee it is really exciting and assuring to be part of the Warrior Paints group. We look forward with much optimism and confidence and we know that the paint retail market needs us. Our customers really talk about Warrior Paints as ‘affordable lasting luxury’.


    When we bought Rynfield Hardware (otherwise known as Gary’s Hardware) 22 years ago Gary requested Warrior to come and see him regarding stocking the Warrior Paint Brand. In the first few months we saw an immediate improvement in our paint sales, so much so that when the shop next door became vacant we immediately took the chance and rented it. That is when we became known as Rynfield Hardware and Paint Centre.

    We joined the Warrior family and never looked back. We have been selling Warrior with absolute confidence since 2000 and can honestly say that in 21 years we have received excellent service, training and their stock levels are exceptional.

    I do not use the term family loosely, but Warrior and their staff have been part of our family, always supportive, ready with advice and ideas, and especially encouraging and helpful after the passing of Gary 4 years ago.

    Technical advice is only a phone call away and always on point. If advice is needed on site with a preparation or problem, their backup assistance is truly amazing.

    Warrior really looks after their franchisees like they are their own stores.


    Mike van Leeuwen

    As a franchisee with Warrior Paints for the past 20 years I can attest to the expertise, support, technical abilities and all round professionalism of Warrior Paints as franchisor as being of the highest level in all regards.


    Neels Els

    Many companies have attractive slogans but we often find that they don’t always live up to the promises printed in big bold letters on company walls and documentation…

    I was pleasantly welcomed by the almost tangible honesty, mutual respect and high standard of business ethics meeting the directors and management team for the first time. A golden thread I learned later that runs from the top down connecting all departments of the company and embedded in the company culture. These solid foundations, an appreciation for developing and manufacturing always available quality products, competitive pricing, excellent after sales service, the backup from the Technical Teams and laboratory and a “make it happen” Logistical Team completes this Premium proudly South African brand.

    Some might call it old school but at Warrior Paints the directors and management team lead from the front ensuring that the company lives up to what they claim and promise.

    A Proudly Warrior Paints Franchisee

Online Franchise Application Form

Online Franchise Application Form

One form per partner, director, shareholder or member per franchise to be completed.

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